Electric Vehicles With a 5 Min charging Hybrid Graphene EESD’s, LENR Vehicles, Sun Cell powered Vehicles and an unlimited hydrogen in a safe diesel-like liquid.


Electric hybrid vehicles of all sizes with a fast 5 minute charging graphene electrical energy storage device & LENR powered vehicles and a safe unlimited hydrogen option.



Hybrid graphene EESD’s have LI density and better, but the game changing feature is the fast 5 minute charge time to maybe 95% then charging slows down for remaining charge.

There are no know safety issues found so far, you can even cause a dead short with no risk or damage on smaller units and maybe systems of all sizes, not sure yet.

No issues with heat, they are very light and several times cheaper than current LI batteries, still testing lifetime of cells..

I read that for electric vehicles to replace gas and diesel powered vehicles, batteries would have to be a cheap as $150.00 per kw hour and this GESD is cheaper from the start and may be below $100.00 per Kw hour already.

Edison power and Sunvault Energy are showcasing one of these graphene EESD’s in a super car to arrive early 2016 called The Edison Electron One.

The motors were slow to arrive which drastically slowed progress, but its coming soon.

This super car will have a range of about 500 km’s or more, but an on-board graphene hydrogen on-demand fuel cell will then charge the EESD’s in 5 minutes while driving and then another 500 or more km’s and on and on.

These fast charging EESD’s will make electric vehicles of all sizes possible and no range anxiety.

 1 MegaFarad Supercapacitor : 

There is also other companies called Storedot with a fast charging battery and another graphene battery company called Graphenano with maybe 1000 km range.
Graphenano and Grabat launch graphene-based batteries :

Graphene battery, future and present

Here is a video of the world’s most powerful electric semi truck that with Edison Power’s
EESD and an onboard graphene fuel cell may have no range anxiety 

LENR cars is working on cars that may have a 30,000 km range before recharge

Solar Hydrogen Trends : http://www.solarhydrogentrends.com/

A research team in Germany is testing a new safe form of liquid hydrogen that claims to be as safe as diesel, in vehicles we drive today

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H from O using tiny electricity
PES Interviews Jackob Aganyan of Solar Hydrogen Trends

Solar Hydrogen Trends :  http://www.solarhydrogentrends.com/

My proposal we invest in all these technologies