Irrigate The Worlds Deserts and Lower Co2 Levels To Pre-Industrial Times

The Issues We face with sea level rise and rising C02 levels


Irrigate the worlds deserts and lower Co2 levels to pre-industrial times while making valuable carbon nano fibers, cheaper then other means.



I propose we use a large version of the MYT engine maybe 5 by 5 by 7 ft with a pump, to irrigate the World’s deserts and farm lands with 100% clean safe salt free water, and provide clean safe drinking water, also for fighting forest fires.

If enough country’s adopt this plan it could, help to maintain sea levels.

Major progress has been made with graphene filters for removing salt from ocean water on larger scales, for a fraction of the costs. 1/10th


If we can pump enough of the filtered water to irrigate farms, deserts, fight forest fires, and provide safe clean drinking water, we may slow or mitigate sea level rise.

I propose using the MYT engine fueled by a Symphony 7 A  hydrogen on demand system by solar Hydrogen Trends or other new technologies like converting aluminum cans to hydrogen etc.

The MYT engine is a multi fuel engine with very low emissions, while fueled by hydrogen, no harmful emissions.

I propose using the MYT engine to pump the water for desalination.

A new industrial era can be spawned by the MYT™Engine

And here is the scenario:

The Mighty Pumps can pump the sea water for desalination  The Mighty Pumps can pump the water thru pipeline to irrigate Deserts and turn the Deserts into Farm lands to grow Palm Trees, Coconuts, Soybeans, rice, etc.

Hydrogen on demand system etc. can fuel the Mighty Engine.

The MYT™ (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine by inventor Raphial Morgado, is an internal combustion engine of new design that features multiple firings in one cycle, producing enormous torque in a small area.

The MYT™ Engine features 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. It is poised to benefit applications including airplanes, ships, 18 wheel trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, and even down to carry-on power generators. The MYT™ Engine, as a pump/compressor, also exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow; all in one unit.

However I like the MYT engine as a generator for powering an electric motor for pumping water.

MYT Engine Playlist :

The filtered water could be pumped from the oceans inland, in areas all over the world to help with drought stricken farms, raise water levels in lakes and streams, fight fires and convert deserts into new land for growing food.

My understanding is graphene filters are very efficient, able to handle 1000 psi.

Videos :

How Graphene Desalination could Increase Water Supplies :

New industrial-scale graphene water filter could solve world water crisis Read more at :


Can This Carbon Nanomaterial Solve Global Warming?

Tests run by Lockheed Martin and other researchers show that a graphene composite membrane—a graphene active layer integrated with a porous substrate, like a microfilter—can withstand cross-flow pressures of up to 1,000 psi with no mechanical degradation or delamination. The tests of its strength have incorporated multiple pressure cycles over hundreds of continuous and noncontinuous test hours.

Pasted from :

New industrial-scale graphene water filter could solve world water crisis : 

I propose using the MYT engine to pump the water for desalination.

We could supply hydrogen to the MYT engines with a unlimited hydrogen on demand system from Solar Hydrogen Trends which only uses 500 watts of power which I would supply with solar power and a graphene EESD for backup power for night time.

Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. Invents Groundbreaking 100% Carbon Free, Clean Air Hydrogen Reactor Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. develops innovative breakthrough technology with the world’s first hydrogen reactor for production of unlimited hydrogen; reactor uses water as main fuel and is 100% carbon free! “Endless fuel from water…”Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2014 – Menlo Park based technology firm Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. ( today announced that it has revolutionized the world of energy production with their invention of the world’s first hydrogen reactor for the production of unlimited hydrogen.

The hydrogen reactor uses water as a main fuel and is 100% carbon free. The groundbreaking technology can be used as hybrid solution for energy savings up to 95% when coupled with coal, natural gas, gasoline, biofuels, diesel power plants or incinerators (three to five times cheaper than coal power plants – two to three times cheaper than nuclear, WITHOUT hazards to the environment). In addition, the reactor can be coupled for production of amplified energy output with Hydro power, Solar or Wind farms in peak hours. Jack Aganyan, Founder and President of Solar Hydrogen Trends commented that “This is a critical step in the development of alternative, clean air energy.

How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory


It looks very promising that we can convert to 100% clean energy very fast, if we wanted, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we could lower Co2 levels to pre industrial times?

Scientists are interested in a  new process of lowering Co2 levels in out atmosphere called Diamonds From The Sky and it has been scaled up and looks very promising.

Carbon Nano Fibers from the sky video Presentation


What actions do I propose?

Instead of using large solar towers for providing the heat required for the diamonds from the sky System, use heat from the ECat SK 100% green and much cheaper and easy to setup.

Two ideas one is pipelines for water to provide clean safe water for drinking, irrigating farms and deserts, manufacturing, and also for fighting forest fires.

1). While ocean water levels are rising, farm lands, lakes, streams and water sheds inland are drying up fast, my plan could lower ocean water levels and help with a lot of other issues focusing around clean water, for our survival.

Use a larger version of the famous MYT Engine to pump the water for desalination fueled by hydrogen, to fill huge tanks of water spread out evenly and gravity feed the water into drip irrigation systems any others etc.

2). Reduce Co2 levels with The Carbon Nano Fibers From The Sky Approach

Total costs of all projects would be a fraction of the cost of building sea walls around all low-lying oceanfront locations around the world or relocating a few hundred million, climate refugees who have no food or water and their homes and farms are under water.

A major pipeline for desalinated water with high volume and flow have never been done yet and costs of the pipeline are not known yet.

I am not an engineer or scientist, just a guy who likes tracking and sharing solutions to climate change since 2008 and these are the best I’ve come across.

Take Care if you like the solutions on my proposal please share.