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My name is Neil Lizotte I worked 9 years on the oil rigs and most of my family worked the rigs.
I was injured in January 1987 on the rigs and even if I ever get my strength back I will never work in the oil field again.

Back Then I never knew that fossil fuels would cause so much destruction to our climate and the death of all sea life if we do not Act Now!

Some people still don’t believe in climate change and that worries me.

If you do not believe in climate change and what we are doing by burning fossil fuel irresponsible way, then please watch acid test The Movie About Ocean Acidification.

This video and a few more about the results of our actions can be found the Challenge Category on the main menu.

We are not using the best technologies that were available 20 years ago.

A vehicle with a MYT Engine with is a very low emission engine combined with a GEET Fuel Processor could have been burning multiple types of fuel with little or no emissions and it would have saved us a bundle if cash in the process.

If cold fusion would not have been suppressed 20 + years ago it would have temperature just right for powering a Cyclone Engine of all sizes available almost 10 years ago.

The people who run the large auto makers should be thrown in jail for life, for not using the cleanest technologies available.

Also government leaders are at fault for not investing in research into clean technology and for not using that technology the best way possible.

In August 2008 I watched a video about Stan Meyers Water Powered Car and then the MYT Engine by Raphial Morgado and I said to my computer tech friend I have to put these on a website just for green inventions and promote them any way I can on a very low budget.

Eco Inventions was my first website and Eco Inventions Showcase will replace it, Some of the videos from the other site will not be added but are available on my YouTube Chanel.

I do not own any of the videos and I do not control the ads that appear on the videos.

Enjoy the videos and it really helps if you share them with your friends or on your websites etc.

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